The Firm

We have been supporting and advising clients for more than 10 years, representing and protecting their interests by offering professional services and legal support.

Years of experience and diverse professional assignments commissioned by reputable institutions and companies guarantee reliability and the highest professional standards.

Driven by credibility and professionalism, we strive when faced with new challenges, combining excellent preparation with know-how and expertise gained in Poland and abroad.

We provide comprehensive management of the entrusted cases, always with the interests of our clients in mind.

Adrian Matula

Founder, Polish and Spanish attorney at law, member of the Bar Council in Barcelona (Spain) and Wroclaw (Poland).

Specializes in civil law, commercial law, company law, trading in receivables and debt collection, intellectual property law, but he has also practiced in other specialized areas of law, such as, among others, transport law, pharmaceutical and telecommunications law.

He has extensive experience in providing legal services to financial institutions and companies, including providing legal services to company bodies and restructuring of companies and debt collection.

He has provided legal services, among others to banks, insurance companies, automotive, construction and telecommunications companies.

Polish law graduate from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Łazarski University in Warsaw and Spanish law at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid (Polish and Spanish Master of Laws).

Graduate of the Department of Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutical Marketing and Law at Warsaw University of Technology Business School (postgraduate).

He has completed numerous training courses in Poland and Spain, among others, in negotiations, debt collection and finance.

He has worked in international corporations as well as Polish and Spanish companies, including Orange and Telekomunikacja Polska (Legal Service Specialist), Intrum Justitia (Legal Service Specialist), Bumar (Company Bodies Support Specialist), and (as a lawyer) in Warsaw law firms.

Member of the Association for Good Clinical Practice in Poland (GCPpl).

Selected publications: Protection of a clinical trial participant.

He represents clients in Poland and Spain.

The law firm cooperates with lawyers, attorneys-at-law, legal advisers, restructuring advisors, tax advisers and experts of various specialties in Poland and Spain with well-established achievements and experience.

An extensive network of contacts and associates allows us to offer comprehensive services and legal support.

The lawyers cooperating with us have corporate and business experience, as well as expert, specialist knowledge in selected areas of law.

We cooperate also with experts in other fields who provide complementary services for our clients (experts, accountants and translators).

Pragmatism and efficiency

Knowing the regulations allows us to develop strategies, propose practical solutions and act effectively. We are practitioners, we understand business and its mechanisms. Results are a priority; thus we act efficiently, quickly and effectively in the conducted cases, as we translate our comprehensive knowledge, competence, skills and experience into effective strategies and successful solutions.


Our operations are based on knowledge, constantly expanded and improved. We keep abreast of the doctrine, analyze speeches, positions, recommendations and decisions of administrative bodies and regulators, as well as court decisions. We participate in symposia, conferences, webinars and legal and business events. We update our library and use the latest legal information software.


We rely on years of experience and diverse, comprehensive professional practice gained in providing legal services to reputable institutions and companies. Our international extertise allows us to consider problems more broadly and propose often non-obvious, but always effective strategies and course of action.


We know the law. We are professionals and the quality and expert level of our services is what matters to us the most. In our work, we use only proven, specialized solutions.

Caring for your interests

Looking after your interests has always top priority in our operations. We represent, safeguard and look after the interests of our clients by proposing the best solutions, strategies and legal avenues.


Maintaining confidentiality is another one of our priorities. All provided information is covered by indefinite, statutorily guaranteed and legally protected attorney-client privilege.

Trust and cooperation

We value the fact that our clients entrust us with their affairs, and we understand its value. We are convinced that effective action and commitment requires mutual trust and cooperation based on partnership, the foundation of good and long-lasting cooperation.