Dispute resolution

We have extensive experience in defending the interests of our clients at pre-trial and trial stage.

Representing the client, we strive to make the most efficient solution to the dispute, trying to minimize the time, risk and costs. We do not seek a consensus at all costs, but always make an attempt to resolve the matter at the pre-trial stage.


We conduct negotiations and we represent the client.

We have a substantial preparation and experience innegotiations, including difficult negotiations and recovery.

Developing a litigation strategy

We develop a litigation strategy, including analysisof evidence and preparation of evidence and the choice of the best path of litigation.


We represent clients in: 

  • negotiations, 
  • settlement proceedings and administrative, 
  • judicial and legal-administrative proceedings, 
  • arbitration.

Selected areas

We, among others, provide services in the following matters:

  • disputes relating to civil liability,
  • disputes relating to contracts: interpretation of provisions, invalidity, non-performance or improper performance of a contract, payment,
  • labour disputes,
  • disputes between shareholders in the company,
  • debt collection, debt repayment negotiations,
  • redress and waiver of violations,
  • pursuit of reimbursement appropriated things,
  • property conflicts.