We have extensive experience in providing legal services to businesses and companies. We advise on legal issues relating to business activities.

We help with setting up business and establishing a company and designing the optimum legal and tax structure.

We advise on current business (contracts, transactions, handling of companies’ bodies, labour law), at the stage of its development and expansion (creating branches, representations, transformations, mergers, investments on foreign markets), and in moments of crisis and at the stage of loss of liquidity (recovery and insolvency, restructuring).

We handle monitoring, management and collection of receivables.

We handle liquidation proceedings and purchase and sale of businesses.

We provide representation in proceedings and negotiations, prepare and issue opinions on documents and agreements, analyse and minimize legal risks.

We provide comprehensive support and legal services to all corporate bodies, departments and divisions, as well as management board. supervisory board and shareholders’ meetings and general assemblies, including:

  • preparing resolutions, bylaws, contracts, orders and other internal and external legal documents,
  • liquidation proceedings as well as acquisition and sale of enterprises,
  • representing in proceedings and negotiations (procedural law), preparing and providing opinion on documents and contracts, performing legal audits, analyzing and minimizing legal risks,
  • company mergers, divisions and transformations,
  • providing comprehensive regulatory advice and representation before regulators (including the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), Office of Electronic Communications (UKE)),
  • advising on civil and criminal liability in connection with running a company or sitting on company bodies, as well as on combating unfair competition and unfair market practices.

We provide comprehensive regulatory consulting and compliance services, including:

  • verifying and analyzing the company’s legal environment (internal and external), adjusting internal policies and external documentation (bylaws, powers of attorney, contracts, protocols),
  • tailoring the scope and delivery of services to the client’s needs, expectations and industry,
  • analyzing and reviewing internal procedures and documents for compliance with the law, identifying areas that require modification or regulation,
  • creating internal documents (regulations, procedures, authorizations) and external documents (regulations, contracts) to meet all legal and business requirements of a given entity,
  • monitoring and reviewing changes in the law and, if necessary, initiating appropriate actions to update procedures and documents.

We provide comprehensive contract management services including handling, creating, modifying, reviewing, negotiating and hedging associated risks, including:

  • creating and negotiating contracts (including multilingual ones) taking into account the specifics of the industry and subject matter and selecting the appropriate forms of security,
  • analyzing projects and concluded contracts in terms of legal and business risks. Such verification facilitates the decision whether the contract requires further adjustment or modification and whether there is any risk involved,
  • modifying contracts, both those based on commonly used templates and clauses, as well as new structures,
  • adapting contracts to new legal regulations (including RODO/GDPR) and internal company policies,
  • managing contracts, creating templates, building document flow processes, effective document signing/enforcement procedures as well as contract authorization and archiving processes.

We have extensive experience in defending the interests of our clients at pre-trial and trial stage.

Representing the client, we strive to make the most efficient solution to the dispute, trying to minimize the time, risk and costs. We do not seek a consensus at all costs, but always make an attempt to resolve the matter at the pre-trial stage.

We conduct negotiations and we represent the client.

We have a substantial preparation and experience innegotiations, including difficult negotiations and recovery.

We develop a litigation strategy, including analysisof evidence and preparation of evidence and the choice of the best path of litigation.

We represent clients in:

  • negotiations,
  • settlement proceedings and administrative,
  • judicial and legal-administrative proceedings,
  • arbitration.

We, among others, provide services in the following matters:

  • disputes relating to civil liability,
  • disputes relating to contracts: interpretation of provisions, invalidity, non-performance or improper performance of a contract, payment,
  • labour disputes,
  • disputes between shareholders in the company,
  • debt collection, debt repayment negotiations,
  • redress and waiver of violations,
  • pursuit of reimbursement appropriated things,
  • property conflicts.

We offer comprehensive support and legal services in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Our support encompasses every stage, including:

  • transaction design,
  • developing strategies,
  • selecting partners,
  • conducting audits and due diligence,
  • business valuation,
  • selecting the best acquisition model,
  • establishing the transaction terms,
  • preparing the contract and relevant clauses,
  • spin-off or business reorganization,
  • negotiations,
  • concluding the agreement,
  • integrating companies.

We offer comprehensive support in M&A transactions and, if necessary, in terms of complementary services to support the transaction, we also cooperate with trusted financial and expert advisors with established experience.

We provide comprehensive consulting and services in the field of privacy and data protection.

We prepare privacy and security policies, internal procedures and policies, registries, consent and information clauses, and other required documents.

We offer personal data protection system implementation services, including:

  • implementing organizational measures for the protection of personal data,
  • preparing and revising consents and information clauses, privacy and security policies, internal procedures, registers and other required documents,
  • preparing flow charts and procedures for document circulation and data flow,
  • developing a process for managing data subjects’ requests.

We conduct audits for compliance with the GDPR/RODO including:

  • reviewing of organizational measures to protect personal data,
  • verifying privacy and security policies, information clauses, model documents (including consents), procedures related to managing data subjects’ requests,
  • reviewing procedures for verifying service providers, correctness of signed contracts and templates, recording of processing activities, data retention periods implemented,
  • auditing the internal security incident reporting process,
  • reviewing the existing mechanisms of transferring personal data to third countries,verifying the compliance of IODO’s appointment and tasks with the requirements of the GDPR/RODO (if one has not been appointed, we verify whether it should be done).

In cooperation with specialized entities, we offer support for IT security audits, which include:

  • reviewing technical data protection measures,
  • reviewing systems and software security, including access, encryption, protection against attacks, authentication, password requirements, data classification and the technical correctness of managing data subjects’ requests.

We offer outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer function and full service in this regard.

We provide legal advice and support in the ongoing application of data protection regulations.

We can represent you in all matters relating to personal data protection and violations, including in administrative and judicial-administrative proceedings related to personal data protection and during inspections by the Personal Data Protection Office.

We provide comprehensive advice on labor law.

Labor law

Our services cover the following areas:

  • employment and cooperation structure (employment contracts, B2B, key-employee and managerial contracts, non-standard contracts),
  • organization and working time,
  • establishment and termination of employment or cooperation,
  • negotiation of employment terms and conditions,
  • non-competition agreements,
  • crisis situations,
  • liability of managers and management,
  • labor violations,
  • employee liability,
  • anti-discrimination and mobbing,
  • whistleblowing,
  • health and safety,
  • design of relevant internal codes,
  • procedures and processes,
  • compensation and bonus systems,
  • data protection and confidentiality rules,
  • labor law training,
  • legalization of residency,
  • migration of employees,
  • labor dispersal,
  • remote work,
  • labor inspection,
  • labor union relations,
  • social security,
  • labor conflicts,
  • layoffs and restructuring,
  • tax advice on bonuses and employee benefits,
  • labor law litigation and representation before the labor court.

We actively cooperate with management boards, department leaders and HR teams by providing ongoing advice, as well as legal support in conflicts, emergencies and inspections.

Remote work

We handle all aspects of remote work, including the following areas:

  • preparing proper internal procedures and regulations for remote work,
  • providing security of data and document circulation,
  • applying new technologies in the work system,
  • providing security and control of remote work,
  • providing protection of personal data processed outside the workplace,
  • safeguarding company secrets,
  • ensuring legality and security of video conferencing and online meetings.

We have extensive and comprehensive experience in providing legal and regulatory services to telecommunications operators and other companies in the telecommunications industry.

Our experience covers all legal and regulatory aspects of these entities’ activities, including:

  • corporate services for companies and their bodies,
  • entity transformations,
  • ongoing monitoring of the company’s legal environment in the area of telecommunications law and electronic communications law,
  • preparing and opinionating draft regulations of service provision, promotions, model contracts, contests, lotteries,
  • handling complaint processes,
  • preparing and opinionating draft letters in the course of servicing subscribers,
  • regulatory services,
  • legal support of sales and after-sales activities and customer relations,
  • security and protection of personal data,
  • legal support for new projects,
  • handling and managing debt collection services and bankruptcy processes,
  • representation before Polish regulators, including UKE, UOKiK and KNF,
  • legal support of litigation related to the company’s operations, including before the arbitration court at the President of the UKE.

We specialize in pharmaceutical law and clinical trials law.

Pharmaceutical law

Our services include advice on the marketing of medicinal products, the conduct of clinical trials, the manufacture of medicinal products, the requirements for marketing and advertising of medicinal products, the conditions and rules for the circulation of medicines, the requirements for pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers, the safety of production and circulation of medicinal products, medical devices and dietary supplements, pharmaceutical control, labor law in the pharmaceutical industry, and the safety and protection of data, including sensitive data, in pharmaceutical operations.

Clinical trials

We have extensive experience in advising entities in the clinical trial industry on clinical trial contracts, legal requirements for clinical trials (local and international) and data protection.

We advise companies and entities participating in clinical trials:

  • researchers,
  • clinical trial coordinators (NCI),
  • centers or networks of centers,
  • CRO,
  • sponsors.

In particular, we advise on:

  • contracts: for conducting a clinical trial (Clinical Trial Agreement), for subcontracting the procedure from the clinical trial protocol (Service Agreement), for appointing the National Coordinator (NCI), for monitoring a clinical trial (CRA), contracts with doctors / researchers (employee and B2B), partnership agreements between centers, confidentiality agreements (CDA, NDA, Secrecy Agreement);
  • personal data protection (RODO / GDPR, Personal Data Protection Act) – creation and verification of entrustment agreements, creation of appropriate consents for research participants, verification or creation of an information clause, creation of registers, as an outsourcing for the company, we also provide the services of the Data Protection Officer ( DPO).

We provide comprehensive services for online business and transition to e-commerce model.

We deal with the following issues:

  • changing the commercial model, including the transition to e-commerce,
  • advising on the introduction of operational schemes,
  • preparing the relevant documents, regulations and procedures,
  • advising and reviewing contracts for online payments,
  • handling all data protection issues,
  • advising on the legal side of developing websites, forms and mobile applications,
  • performing audits, streamlining and implementing changes as well as developing new procedures.

We provide services in the field of intellectual property law: copyright, advertising and trademarks.

Copyright law

We provide comprehensive advice on copyright law, including:

  • author’s moral rights,
  • author’s economic rights,
  • related rights,
  • image protection,
  • transfer of rights,
  • infringements,
  • licensing.


We offer legal advice on trademarks.

We represent our clients in proceedings before the Patent Office in Poland and before the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante, and deal with monitoring and investigation of trademark infringements.

We provide comprehensive debt collection and receivables management.

Our services include:

  • preventing and monitoring payments as well as examining other entities’ financial situation,
  • the pre-court stage (amicable collection, negotiations, mediation),
  • court proceedings (trial for payment),
  • enforcement stage (bailiff proceedings).

We deal with the investigation, recognition and recovery of foreign debts, including both foreign debts in Poland and Polish debts abroad.

We perform audits and due diligence on debt portfolios (analysis of portfolio structure, characteristics of receivables, methods and quality of collateral, assessment of risk factors and profitability).

We deal with legal collateralization of receivables in terms of effective and rapid enforcement in case of non-payment. We use all legally permissible methods of securing, such as suretyship, promissory note, guarantees, submission to execution, assignment, mortgage, transfer for security, pledge, as well as those less known and developed by practice.

We handle private and commercial real estate transactions and projects.

We offer comprehensive legal and tax services for real estate transactions.

We assist individual and professional investors during all phases of investment: from planning and searching to finalizing the transaction and managing the property.

We prepare real estate audits and conduct real estate due diligence.

The resulting audit or due diligence report covers all relevant and specified aspects and areas, including analysis of documents, legal and tax status, analysis of land records, verification of claims against the property and encumbrances, as well as analysis of the possibility of using the property for a specific purpose or commercialization.

We deal with the administration and management of clients’ real estate, including the preparation of plans for the management and administration of real estate, contracts, powers of attorney and commercialization plans.

We provide support and legal services for real estate investment projects using various business, financial and commercialization models, as well as construction and development projects.

We specialize in providing legal advice on the management and succession of personal and family assets and property.

We represent and advise our clients on all types of property cases.

We can advise, analyze and prepare plans for legal and tax optimization of your assets.

We analyze legal risks and handle legal and security transactions.

We advise on inheritance and property succession law and conduct inheritance proceedings, including:

  • preparing succession plans, transfers, legacies, wills.
  • representing and conducting succession cases.
  • establishing foundations, funds and associations.
  • representing heirs and administering inheritance assets.
  • advising on European and international succession law by handling succession cases with a foreign or cross-border element (European certificate of inheritance, foreign wills).

We offer advice and provide legal services in Spanish law and represent our clients in Spain.

Our office is based in Barcelona, but we are ready to represent clients in other areas of the country and in relations with Spanish-speaking clients from other parts of the world.

We offer legal advice to business clients on all matters related to doing business in Spain, investment in the Spanish market and Polish-Spanish commercial relations.

We offer comprehensive services and legal advice in the field of Spanish business and commercial law including the following:

  • economic activity,
  • companies,
  • commercial exchange,
  • business negotiations,
  • investment in the Spanish market.

We represent our clients in commercial and business relations with clients and Spanish-speaking partners.