We have extensive experience in providing legal services to businesses and companies. We advise on legal issues relating to business activities.

We help with setting up business and establishing a company and designing the optimum legal and tax structure.

We advise on current business (contracts, transactions, handling of companies’ bodies, labour law), at the stage of its development and expansion (creating branches, representations, transformations, mergers, investments on foreign markets), and in moments of crisis and at the stage of loss of liquidity (recovery and insolvency, restructuring).

We handle monitoring, management and collection of receivables.

We handle liquidation proceedings and purchase and sale of businesses.

We provide representation in proceedings and negotiations, prepare and issue opinions on documents and agreements, analyse and minimize legal risks.

We provide legal support and advice for doing business within the framework of a permanent agreement or a specific order; it includes, among others, the following areas of law:

  • Company law,
  • Civil law,
  • Bankruptcy and reorganization,
  • Contract law,
  • Procedural law,Personal data protection,
  • Labour law,
  • Public procurement,
  • Unfair competition.

We offer legal advice in all mattersrelated to conducting business in Spain, investments in the Spanish market,trade between Poland and Spain and Spanish-speaking customer relations.

We offer comprehensive services and legal advice in the management and collection of receivables. Our offer includes:

  • payment monitoring, which aims to reduce the outstanding debts and improve current financial balance sheets,
  • out-of-court collection – at this stage we seek voluntary settlement by the debtor,
  • judicial collection – submitting the case to court and obtaining a judgment or order of payment and the writ of execution,
  • enforcement proceedings,
  • counselling and legal services for the sale and purchase of receivables, legal audit and assessment of value and debt portfolios purchase risk.

We offer legal services in registration and reservation of trademarks and industrial designs in the European Union, which consists of:

  • representation in proceedings,
  • advising on the transfer of rights and licensing,
  • representation in negotiations and disputes,
  • monitoring and investigation of breaches.

Our practice covers the areas of civil, family and inheritance law, particularly in thefield of contract law, civil liability, family matters and inheritance cases.

We specialize in providing legal advice in private and family asset management and succession.

We prepare legal opinions.

We analyse contracts, documents and legal statuses.

We advise offering the best legal solutions and paths.

We prepare contracts and documents.

We give opinions on documents and agreements (including in terms of securing the interests of customers).

We negotiate contents of agreements.

We deal with disputes arising out of contracts (interpretation of provisions, invalidity, non-performance or improper performance of a contract, payment).

We handle documents in international trade.

We specialize in providing legal advice in private and family asset management and succession:

We advise, analyse and prepare plans for legal and tax optimization in terms of assets held.

We analyse legal risks and deal in legal support and security of transactions.

We advise on the succession of assets (preparing plans of succession, transfer, legacies, wills, dealing with the appointment of foundations and associations).

We have extensive experience in defending the interests of our clients at pre-trial and trial stage.

Representing the client, we strive to make the most efficient solution to the dispute, trying to minimize the time, risk and costs. We do not seek a consensus at all costs, but always make an attempt to resolve the matter at the pre-trial stage.

We conduct negotiations and we represent the client.

We have a substantial preparation and experience innegotiations, including difficult negotiations and recovery.

We develop a litigation strategy, including analysisof evidence and preparation of evidence and the choice of the best path of litigation.

We represent clients in:

  • negotiations,
  • settlement proceedings and administrative,
  • judicial and legal-administrative proceedings,
  • arbitration.

We, among others, provide services in the following matters:

  • disputes relating to civil liability,
  • disputes relating to contracts: interpretation of provisions, invalidity, non-performance or improper performance of a contract, payment,
  • labour disputes,
  • disputes between shareholders in the company,
  • debt collection, debt repayment negotiations,
  • redress and waiver of violations,
  • pursuit of reimbursement appropriated things,
  • property conflicts.

We offer professional legal and tax advisory services in the field of real estate law, real estate transactions, and investments and construction projects in the real estate market.

We perform legal audits of properties, as well as provide advice and legal and tax services for real estate transactions.

We also represent our clients in administrative, judicial, and administrative court proceedings related to real estate and investments.