Legal specialists

Experience and international perspective.


Solutions for business

Legal services, legal outsourcing, contract management and much more.

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Contract creation, analysis, contract management, contract compliance.

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Effective solutions

We represent and care the interests of our customers by offering the best legal strategies.


Law firm

Consulting and legal services for companies, investments, business and individuals. Representation in negotiations, processes and proceedings.


Legal services for companies, investments and entrepreneurs. Comprehensive legal corporate services and specialized sector legal advice.


Civil matters, contract law and real estate. Management of private and family assets and his succession (wills, inheritance law).


We provide representation in negotiations, litigation, arbitration, administrative, judicial and administrative proceeedings.

We care, represent and safeguard the interests of our clients.

We are an international law firm operating in Poland and Spain, offering comprehensive legal services to companies, the self-employed and individuals.

Our priority is reliability, credibility and professionalism. We are not afraid of effort and challenges.

Our lawyers combine excellent substantive preparation with practice and experience gained on the Polish and Spanish market.

We care, represent and safeguard the interests of our customers by offering the best legal paths and solutions.

International experience

Polish law

Legal services in the field of the national, Polish legal order.

Spanish law

Legal advice in the field of Spanish law, representation in Spain.

European law

Business law, international contract law, trademark and personal data protection.

International cases

International and cross-border affairs.