Legal services for companies, investments and entrepreneurs.


Civil law, contract law and real estate. Management of private and family assets and his succession.


Representation in negotiations, litigation, arbitration, administrative, judicial and administrative proceeedings.

Areas of consulting

Polish law

Legal services in the field of Polish law.

Spanish law

Legal advice in the field of Spanish law, representation in Spain.

European law

Business law, international contract law, trademark and personal data protection.


International and cross-border cases.

Areas of practice

Legal services for companies and entrepreneurs

Legal services for companies, including services for company governing bodies.


Legal service in the field of Polish and international contract law. We prepare, translate and review trade agreements. We conduct negotiations and coordinate the conclusion of contracts.

Real estate

Real estate law and real estate investment. Administration and property management.


We examine internal processes, internal acts. Legal audits and due diligence studies.

Personal data protection

GDP and personal data protection law. We prepare the implementation of the GDP (documentation, processes, policies). Compliance and audits. 


We provide comprehensive legal and regulatory advice for the telecommunications industry and telecommunications operators.

Pharmaceutical law

Legal services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property law, including trademark and industrial designs, copyright, licenses, promotions and advertising. Registration of trademarks in Poland, Spain and the EU.

Restructuring and bankruptcy

Advice on crisis and liquidity (remedial and bankruptcy proceedings, restructuring).

New technologies

Advice on the law of new technologies.

Labor law

Advice on individual and collective labor law.


Reparation and compensation, representation in court and negotiations.

Transformations and liquidations

Mergers & acquisitions of commercial companies, divisions, transformation of entities, dissolution of companies without liquidation, liquidation of enterprises

Commerce, transactions and investments

We represent in negotiations and commercial transactions. We verify the credibility and solvency of contractors. We prepare and review documents and contracts. We analyze, minimize and secure legal risks.


Advice in the field of immigration law: citizenship, taking up employment, recognition of professional qualifications.

Debt collection

Debt collection and debt recovery, management and assessment of debt portfolios.

Property management and succession

Management of private and family assets and its succession (we prepare plans for inheritance, transfers, wills).

Legal outsourcing

We provide comprehensive legal services and specialist service.

European law

Legal service in the field of European regulations.

Business, companies and investments in Spain

Legal advice in the field of Spanish commercial law, company law and corporate services.